TAFF Kids Swim Course

The event takes place on North Beach, Tenby. The water will be cold (around 13 degrees). We have therefore opted for a short, sharp swim that the children can complete without having to worry about wetsuits. The safety and well being of every child is our overriding priority.

Children will start on the beach and navigate a rectangular course: surf run out 10m, swim parallel to the beach and then a surf run back onto the beach. To allow the adults to stand, the deepest water will be around 1m 20.

Swim (Surf Run) Distances

4-11 year olds: 30m

TAFF Kids Run Course

On exiting the swim, athletes will enter transition on the beach. Competitors must wear run shoes and race t-shirt with race number attached. We recommend placing a towel on the ground and powder in shoes.

Run Distances

4-5 year olds: 200m
6-11 year olds: 400m